Weed Spraying Services Lincolnshire

& Surrounding Areas

We also offer a wide range of spraying services from gardens and grounds to small and large paddocks, field margins and game covers as well as grain stores and industrial units.

  • Paddocks, we can spray paddocks with our quad bike which leaves very little damage to soil spraying helps control dangerous weeds such as ragwort, clover, thistles, nettles, buttercups and many more weeds.
  • Industrial units, we can spray industrial units with either our quad bike with our curb sprayer or boom, we can also use a knap sack to get hard to reach areas.
  • Field margins, we also offer spraying of fields margins from weed control in margins or spraying off a small strip of land around fields to make it easier to combine and to give a defined line between cropped and un cropped land for cross compliance reasons.
  • Game covers, we spray game covers for shoots, this improves the quality of covers and improve the quality of game.
  • Gardens and Grounds we also spray gardens this is done with our knap sack or for larger gardens with our quad bike. We can spray lawns with a weed and feed or garden paths and patios with a total weed killer.

Horses & Sycamore Posioning

In addition to general spraying, we can also use and spray kaskara as a way to deter Sycamore saplings in horse pastures! Atypical Myopathy or otherwise known as Sycamore posioning can have disaterous effects on horses. Kaskara is the best thing to spending hours of pulling thousands of seedlings up!

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Weed spraying Services Lincolnshire