Fertiliser Spreading Lincolnshire

incl. Specilised Fertilisers

Fertiliser spreading services in North Lincolnshire. Fertiliser improves grassland quality; we advise an application of fertiliser in early spring with a rate of 60 – 100kg an acre, and a lower application in late summer of 40 – 80kg, as this will reduce poaching through the winter.

Our fertiliser spreader applies fertiliser at 12m and is mounted on our compact tractor, allowing us to apply fertiliser to areas from 0.1 of an acre to 50 acres and larger areas of over +50 acres can be applied using a large John Deere tractor and fertiliser spreader at 24m. It is also advised to have a soil sample taken to see what your pasture requires.

We can also help with specilised fertilisers for horse paddocks that are lower in nitrogen. Get in touch with us today to discuss your fertiliser needs!

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Fertiliser spreading Services